The personal assistant we all need!

Hi everyone!
Long time no see, I’m sorry. Graduation came and before that the stress caused by the amount of last projects to end collage. Yay! I’m over it!


And provably I could be really thankfull if someone had introduced me to this interesting app… A way better than a personal assistant. Yes, it’s possible!  I’d be able to organize and remember what do I have to do every day, where, how to get there, with how… EVERYTHING! So… in case you want to know what I’m talking about just keep on reading

Personal assistant - stress

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“Drink” water my friend

Hello everyone! And Happy June!
It’s been a while since I didn’t see such a beautiful summery day! May was not as sunny as usual. And because of this warm-hot weather there are some things that we should consider to do to stay healthy for the upcoming summer.

Functions of water in the body

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Beyond Dropbox!

Have you ever wish you’d put that file into your dropbox before leaving home? You missed the USB at home and the documents to hand in were there? Don’t worry! Today I’d like to share with you an interesting app for Mac that can save your life in those stressfull moments. Are you ready to know it? Then keep on reading.


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