The personal assistant we all need!

Hi everyone!
Long time no see, I’m sorry. Graduation came and before that the stress caused by the amount of last projects to end collage. Yay! I’m over it!


And provably I could be really thankfull if someone had introduced me to this interesting app… A way better than a personal assistant. Yes, it’s possible!  I’d be able to organize and remember what do I have to do every day, where, how to get there, with how… EVERYTHING! So… in case you want to know what I’m talking about just keep on reading

Personal assistant - stress

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Keep yor word earn money!

You’ve read it right!

It’s true, I’ve promised to do some excercise, stay fit and eat healthy but I couldn’t keep that promise I made to myself this year. Therefore when I found this amazing treat I couldn’t believe my eyes.

What would you say if I tell you that by being constant you can earn money?

make money

If you wanna know how just keep on reading!

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I’m not feeling like…

I don’t feel like I’m going to the gym

I don’t feel comfortable with my body…

Oh gosh, tomorrow’s Monday

Those sentences are a nightmare.  Let’s you down and turns your day into sh*t. So if you don’t have the will to do anything, or you’re thinking to do something like calling your ex, please stop by and keep on reading. I have a solution for you.

feeling down

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Yay! I’m Back!

Hi everyone!

I’m soo sorry. It’s been ages since I last updated this blog! Actually, more than I expected.

I’m on my last year of college and hard is the least to say. Working on dues were the routine, and I hate it, yes, both – routine and dues. But at least, this semester classes are over!


Yay! Christmas holidays are finally here, and till exams arrive “time” is a word I’d love to use: “I have time!“. But let’s recap. I usually upload this page with some kind of interesting thing I found searching on the internet, isn’t it? And yet things won’t change now. Continue reading