If this then…

I must admit, I’m not the only lazy people in the word. If so, this app would be never been made.

if this then then that

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La mirada: un arma de seducción

Todos hemos oído que el amor es como la guerra: “todo se vale”. Por eso hay que ir siempre preparado para la batalla. Hoy, os quiero hablar de: “la mirada como un arma de seducción.

Easter eggs!


I thing it’s been just a few days since my last post, and maybe because it’s holidays and I see cakes and chocolates everywhere and I like to share with you those recipes.

Today cake is a well known but with a different appearance. I mean brownies, but perfect for easter, because of the shape! If you usually like to paint eggs for childrends, and after these days, throw them away, maybe you can use those instead to contain the dessert. And with a little patience, also, paint them.

The recipe is in both in spanish and english in a webpage called La receta de la felicidad , where you can find how to prepare those tiny cute things.

I hope you like it, and leave a comment below and tell me what do you usually do for easter. Not only to eat but for the childrens of the family. 

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

See you soon, 


Changing eggs for macarons!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, and I am sorry. The nice weather and the good company are the ones to blame. 

Today I want to share with you something sweet and according to the easter holidays. 

Although you may know already, in some McDonald’s there’s an area dedicated to coffee and bakery.  For some reason I don’t know why, a few months ago, after having a meal on that restaurant, on my way out I saw a picture of one of the most famous French desserts, and no, I did not see a croissant, but a Macaron!! I couldn’t believe they were selling those in there! 

That colourful mini-cake is, a part of adorable and sort of expensive sweet for its size (about 0,90-1€ each), one of the most sweetest and delicious thing you can ever eat. And as always, those things become even more tasty accompanied with a good cappuccino and, obviously with a great company. 


Usually, the color matches its favour, so you can find infinity of varieties. Chocolate, strawberry, berry, pistachio, orange, lemon… and a way long list. 

I know that with easter came decorated eggs, really colourful eggs, but what about doing something with those instead?

I would like to share with you all a webpage of cooking lessons, but made easily. It’s called SORTED, where some guys cook in a easy way something that really stands out. 

So if you want to know how you can do bake your own macarons, feel free to click on the image of my experience. 

Don’t forget to subscribe/follow and leave a comment below and if you try to cook those, tell me how it went. 

See you soon, 


Spring Look

Hola de nou! 
Després de aquests dies de solet i calor que semblava primavera, ara s’envà i diuen que potser aquest cap de setmana plou. Quina llàstima, quan podem gaudir del temps aquest no vol gaudir de nosaltres. Però què hi farem. Estem a pocs dies ja de l’entrada, de veritat, de la primavera. 
El próxim 20 de març, i ben aviat! A les 5:14h hora espanyola! Seria interessant com saben que és a les 5:14 i no un minut després.
Avui m’agradaria compartir amb vosaltres una pàgina web per a totes aquelles que els hi va bé de tant en quant una mica d’inspiració per vestir. Es diu DailyLook i cada dia actualitzen amb un outfit diferent, i que venen! Però a la vegada, cada dia que entres, obtens punts, aixì com per compartir o comprar qualsevol cosa. Feu click al link i subscriu’t-hi, no et costa res. A la que portes 2000 punts, et donen 20$ per gastar en la pròpia botiga online, no crec que estigui tant malament no?
Jo ara per ara estic fent guardiola i no he comprat res, encara que tinc molta tentació. La roba no és gens cara i m’encanten les sabates i bluses que escolleixen.
Espero que tingueu una molt bona entrada a la primavera i us agradin les suggerencies de la pàgina web, que aquest temps és complicadet.
No us oblideu de seguir el blog i fer qualsevol comentari per dir-me que us sembla o si voleu que comparteixi alguna cosa amb vosaltres.
Fins aviat
Hello again!


After all these days of sunshine  that seemed to be spring time, now they’re leaving and it’s said that maybe this weekend rains. Too bad, when we can enjoy the weather, it isn’t going to enjoy ourselves. But whatever. 

We are just a few days to entry spring.The next  March 20th, at 5:14 pm Spanish time! It would be interesting how do they know it is at 5:14 and not a minute later?
Today I would like to share with you a website for all those that may want some inspiration to dress. It’s called DailyLook and they update every day with a different outfit, and they sell it! But meanwhile, every day you log in, you get points, and so when you share or buy anything. Just click the link and subscribe, it will costs you nothing. As soon as you get 2000 points, you’ll get $ 20 to spend on the online shop, don’t you think it’s a good idea?
I‘m trying to save some money and I haven’t bought anything yet, although I have a lot of temptation. The clothes are not expensive and I love the shoes and blouses they sell.
I hope you have a very nice entry to the spring and like the suggestions of the website, to know what to wear in this complicated time.
Do not forget to follow the blog and comment to tell me that you think or if you want  me to share something with you.
See you soon