Free coffee

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Keep yor word earn money!

You’ve read it right!

It’s true, I’ve promised to do some excercise, stay fit and eat healthy but I couldn’t keep that promise I made to myself this year. Therefore when I found this amazing treat I couldn’t believe my eyes.

What would you say if I tell you that by being constant you can earn money?

make money

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I’m not feeling like…

I don’t feel like I’m going to the gym

I don’t feel comfortable with my body…

Oh gosh, tomorrow’s Monday

Those sentences are a nightmare.  Let’s you down and turns your day into sh*t. So if you don’t have the will to do anything, or you’re thinking to do something like calling your ex, please stop by and keep on reading. I have a solution for you.

feeling down

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“Drink” water my friend

Hello everyone! And Happy June!
It’s been a while since I didn’t see such a beautiful summery day! May was not as sunny as usual. And because of this warm-hot weather there are some things that we should consider to do to stay healthy for the upcoming summer.

Functions of water in the body

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Spring day!

Hello everyone!
Before saying anything else, thanks to all the people that help this blog to reach the 1,000 visits! You made my day!
I never thought this could go that far, being another blog on the enormous Internet.
Today I’m not writing nowhere else but from a park! The sun is shinning although the wind that blows every 2 minutes. And it’s quite interesting watching the people pasing by. It looks like a nonstopping runway of differents styles and faces.
Bussines men and women, younth back from school, mothers with strollers, boys and girls wearing the lastest fashion, lovely couples, and of course, nothing would be completed without the turists and their cameras!
Oooh! And look! Runners! How brave they are! I wouldn’t be able to run at midday when the sun is that hot.
Getting into the day, within less than 2 weeks, we’ll be celebrating Sant George (Sant Jordi). Books and roses will be sold to demonstrate your love to your beloved one.  And for my surprise, i do not see any sing on libraries or shops to promote it. People doesn’t seem to be sighted for those things.
I maybe get inspiration to write some poetry or short novel. I think old poets did that on spring, watching flowers growing, the birds singing and butterflies flirting everywhere around, didn’t they?
Sorry for the long post, but today I feel like writing and nothing on Internet was interesting enough to share with you guys.
I hope, in case I’m not able to make any new post by the time Sant Jordi is here, you spend a nice time with your loved ones.
If you have any suggestion of a book you’ve read that you like to share,  or you like to share your spring feelings, don’t be afraid and leave a comment below, I’d love to read them.
See you soon,