I’m not feeling like…

I don’t feel like I’m going to the gym

I don’t feel comfortable with my body…

Oh gosh, tomorrow’s Monday

Those sentences are a nightmare.  Let’s you down and turns your day into sh*t. So if you don’t have the will to do anything, or you’re thinking to do something like calling your ex, please stop by and keep on reading. I have a solution for you. http://bit.ly/NuwkZF

feeling down

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Be ready and perfect for any occasion!

Wooow! I almost forgot!

Proms, spring dances and parties are just here! And I’m sure lots of you are wondering what to wear, how do I do my make up, should it be the same colour as my dress… Well, if you’d like to know a realy awesome make up artist (and you already follow Michell Phan)  and you’re still looking for something new, keep on reading!


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Beyond nail polishes

Spring, sun, hot weather… There’s nothing better than this combination to stand up from the sofa and go somewhere on the outside with your friends or couple. And as a complete fashionista, details never are done randomly.  Girls we even match our nail polish to what  we are wearing, the weather or even matching our feelings!


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Nails trend

If you thought nails have gone crazy lately, weather if it’s mate nail polish, magnetics, metallics or even stickers with different patterns… this goes beyond the color. Make sure to keep on reading this! This evening I’ve been searching colors for spring-summer or mate nail polishes when I’ve found something really curious on Kiko:
Sugar matSugar Mat nail polish! I know some of you already know about caviar or velvet nails, but are quite tricky. You need to be really patient to let it dry and it doesn’t last any longer than a couple of days. This “Sugar Mat” polish is something in between those two above. It feels as if my nails were painted with soft sand! And it seems pretty hard to break!
Tell me what do you think about it and what do you usually look for your perfect manicure
See you soon,


It’s finally opened!
You can’t miss the new opening on their facebook page, neither their online store! It’s nothing but usual

And other stories is the new bran launched from H&M in a selected cities, and Barcelona is one of them, in 8-10, Passeig de Gràcia
They are selling shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories, clothes, beauty products. And besides it’s H&M brand, prices are not so affordable. Although style is way more intense and different.
I’ll try to step by next week to share with you about it, but make sure you come either! 
If so, make sure to tell me what did you like or not about the store or the stuff.
See you soon