Don’t give up on your new year’s resolution

Hello everyone!

February is here and with it one month has passed already. It’s been quite a time since we did some promises to ourselves. Our resolutions! Wheather if those were doing some kind of activities or leaving some others, there is no reason why not keep on doing them.

Today I want to share with you one of my personal resolutions: do some exercice (and believe me, I’m quite “alergic” to do some). If you want to know how I am able to keep my promise just keep on reading.


Have you ever tried to do some exercice but time is always a problem… no wonder how much you’d like to do so but you need equipment and some motivation. I have recently found an app to acomplish my goal called Seven. With this app you only need 7 minutes  everyday for 7 months, perfoming 12 diferent exercices for 30 seconds each in orther to accomplish the challange.



I wish I could say I’ve acomplished the 7 month excercice challange. With this easy workouts seems easy, or at least it looks like excuses are not allowed.

I hope you like it, enjoy your February!

See you soon,



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