I’m not feeling like…

I don’t feel like I’m going to the gym

I don’t feel comfortable with my body…

Oh gosh, tomorrow’s Monday

Those sentences are a nightmare.  Let’s you down and turns your day into sh*t. So if you don’t have the will to do anything, or you’re thinking to do something like calling your ex, please stop by and keep on reading. I have a solution for you. http://bit.ly/NuwkZF

feeling down

A few days ago I found something I thought that maybe could be useful, but I just downloaded but not opened… Till today! I wish I knew this app long time ago.
Today I want to share with you an app to motivate you. It’s call Motivator and gives you a speech to help you to go to the gym, or weather you feel uncomfortable with your body, or for those Sundays when you don’t want it to be Monday… Or another one I haven’t heart but I should: “don’t give up the blog”! There’s also a couple more to help guys.


But that’s not only an app for hearing that… You can set an alarm with the speech you need. For instance, you can set the “tomorrow’s Monday ” speech as your waking up alarm, and good morning!

It’s easy to use, and does not need that much battery, and it’s created by the advertising agency BBDO! So there’s no much more to say… Except enjoy!

The only con is that the app and the speeches are in Spanish, but are easy to understand if you know a little.

I hope you like it, Merry Christmas and see you soon



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