Winter is almost here!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know what happened to me today, but I just woke up really exited, full of energy and even singing! And it’s Monday!

And although today sun is not shining (I hope it’s not my fault for singing), Christmas spirit and lights are everywhere. Christmas carol inspired movies on TV, carol songs on all shops and streets… And there are almost 2 weeks to go! How did this year pass so fast? Please, don’t misunderstand me, winter is almost here and I haven’t even enjoy autumn! But anyway… I’ve already had the winter consequences… flu. There is just one benefit for this illness: be able not to go somewhere you don’t want to go -work, for instance.  But… what if I tell you you can sound like if you were ill, without its consequences?

flu season ahead

Today I want to share with you an advertising campaign that released an app to change your voice in case you don’t want to go to work, school or to any other place.

Catarrator it’s an app that emulates flu effects, and makes your voice sound like so. Afterwords, it records a track so you can send it to whoever you want, your boss, a friend… so you can spend that time doing something else. Little trick not to be used as a habit, please.

flu app resfriado


I hope you like it, and please, don’t overuse it, or no one will ever believe in you anymore.

See you soon,



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