Yay! I’m Back!

Hi everyone!

I’m soo sorry. It’s been ages since I last updated this blog! Actually, more than I expected.

I’m on my last year of college and hard is the least to say. Working on dues were the routine, and I hate it, yes, both – routine and dues. But at least, this semester classes are over!


Yay! Christmas holidays are finally here, and till exams arrive “time” is a word I’d love to use: “I have time!“. But let’s recap. I usually upload this page with some kind of interesting thing I found searching on the internet, isn’t it? And yet things won’t change now.

Although this is not really an amazing app, but one with lots of them, I just want to remind you, or let you know, that Apple has launched the Advent Calendar 2013.

Advent 2013

Not only it gives you the opportunity to have a paying app for free, but this time the team has made it interesting! Each day you’ll have one mini game in order to get your app (even though you can skip it if you want).

So, 25 apps as a way to do the countdown for Christmas day. There are 13 passed, but still 12 to go. Don’t miss them!

I hope I’d find interesting things to share with you guys, because these days time should not be a problem for not updating. Have fun and Merry Christmas.

See you soon, 



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