“Drink” water my friend

Hello everyone! And Happy June!
It’s been a while since I didn’t see such a beautiful summery day! May was not as sunny as usual. And because of this warm-hot weather there are some things that we should consider to do to stay healthy for the upcoming summer.

Functions of water in the body

You may not think this one is useful for you, perhaps some people finds it quiet annoying but from my point of view, I really love this app.
Today I want to share with you an easy way to help you stay hydrated while you keep your body healthy. It is called Drink right. This easy app

helps you drink the amount of water that you need.

Drink right Drink right

After introducing your gender, age and weight, you can set the timetable as”daily” or customize it to let it know when do you wake up, lunch, dinner or go to sleep. Therefore the app will be reminding you to drink water, and how much!

Once you’ve drank you can update your consumption and know if you reach the minimum for your body.
And all this in an easy but cute style that makes everything handy.

I hope you find it useful, stay healthy and see you soon,


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