Be ready and perfect for any occasion!

Wooow! I almost forgot!

Proms, spring dances and parties are just here! And I’m sure lots of you are wondering what to wear, how do I do my make up, should it be the same colour as my dress… Well, if you’d like to know a realy awesome make up artist (and you already follow Michell Phan)  and you’re still looking for something new, keep on reading!


Today I want to share with you one of my favourites make up vlogger Nikkie (Nikkie Tutorials on youtube).

She is an amazing proffesional with brushes! From natural to Lady Gaga’s inspired looks. From the basics routine, to parties or fashion runways make up, she can enhance girls beauty in a easy and cheerful way! Here you can see some of her work, but on her web you can see her portfolio:



I hope you like her, at least I do!

Tell me if you dare to do one of her tutorials, if you do your own videos or if you have any other favourite vlogger worth to mention.

See you soon,


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