How do you feel today?

Do you listen to music acording to your feelings? I’m sure you do most of the times, and the ones you don’t you use music to change it. Don’t you? You want to cheer yourself up when you’re down, or relax yourself after a stresfull day at work.


Today I want to share with you a webpage that enables you to listen to music in accordance to what you are feeling! Pretty awesome isn’t it?


It is called Musicovery. Here you can choose what type of music do you like or not and then choose your mood. And it will play random music according to your preferences. And what’s more, you can play your favourite artist and the web will search for similar ones! You can also like or dislike the songs playing, remove from the playlist…

And for gilding the lily, they have an app to do the exact same thing but with the music in your mobile!

I hope you like it! Tell me if you have found any new artist or song worth to mention while you were in there.

See you soon,


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