This one is for the boys out there!

Boys, are you wondering weather you should keep your beard or shave it? If you like yourself in both cases, today I want to share with you some advantages to keep your haired friend.


Austrian dermatologists say beards can protect man from the harmful UVA effects, the aging of the skin and pollen.
The study, published in the newspaper ‘Radiation Protection Dosimetry’, ensures that even a full beard could protect people from skin cancer.

University of Southern Queensland in Australia, have found that men who wear beards and mustaches are only exposed to ultraviolet one-third of the surface of the face. According to these techniques dosimetry, beard acts as a protective barrier blocking between 90 and 95 percent of ultraviolet rays according to the hair length.

“It’s as if the beard had a protective factor, but also prevents the penetrating rays reach the skin. When most populous, more protected,” explain the dermatologies.

On the other hand, when the pollen begins to spread through the air beard (and mustache) have another function: prevent pollen circulating in the air entering the upper airway. Therefore protect men asthma caused by allergens. And, in addition, beards covers their chin and neck and helps to keep the temperature on their throat.


I let you this pic of different types of beards, although the most protective are full coverage one.

I hope you like it. Tell me if you like best men with or without beards!

PS: I don’t own this information, it’s from Tendencias Yahoo

See you soon,


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