Manage your trip

Spring Break is here! And for those of you traveling these days, probably you have made some bookings. Weather if that’s a flight, hotel room, train passage… Today I have for you something that can help you handle all those bookings.


I’m talking about Tripit. It has both internet and mobile app versions.

In that page you can:

  • Try it: Build your itinerary 
  • Set it & forget it: Set up automatic importing for future trips
  • Take it with you: Get TripIt on your mobile device
  • Upgrade to TripIt Pro to get Alerts for flight changes, fare refunds, and more

Here you can find a vid to show you what it is exactly and how it works. Nothing’s better than an explaining video:

I hope you like it and you find it useful. And if you  go somewhere, enjoy it and make sure to share your pictures with me on Facebook

See you soon


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