Easter is almost here!

Spring is almost here and so is easter! And bakeries and other kinds food stores are already selling their easter eggs and or decorative eggs to introduce you into spring weather, sunny and warm. And with the season change, changes happen.

Our food habits improve. Fresh meals, lighter meals that can help us feel better when it comes to your stomach. We change soups for salads. Hot chocolate for some smoothie or milkshake. 

All this new types of foods can make us prepare for a healthier summer, and a thinner ourselves! As we consume less salt and sugar and sauces, and more vegetables and easy to cook meals, our body detoxify and we are allowed to loose all that water we were hoarding up through winter months.

So, if loosing weight is easy, we can make ourselves a gift for easter.

Today I want to share with you a different recipe for the little ones – and for those not so little. I mean brownies cooked inside an egg! 


You can find the recipe on “La receta de la felicidad“. I promise you that everybody will shock if you give them that as a dessert on an easter dinner. 

I hope you like that surprising egg. Tell me if you make it, and what do you do for easter meals. 

See you soon,




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