Decor ideas and DIY

Spring is right on the corner, and what’s better than updating your home to welcome spring as it deserves?
Whether you have room form big things or tiny details, excuses are not allowed. Ideas are unlimited when it comes to decoration and plants are a great and easy idea that works for everyone.
Today I want to share with you something I’ve seen to give you some ideas on how to make your home quite more colorful and unique with few simple details.
The floral arrangement below is the one that has inspired me to do this post, and it’s just a mixture between plants and fruits for decoration!
The next picture is a great idea to decorate your walls if tables or corners are crowded or anything there disturbes you:
The last 2 ideas today are for those that need little things for little spaces. If you like to spice up a small table or a shelf, this kind of candle holder is perfect for some unexpected pop of color.


And if you already have some glasses without any other matching one and you want to give them some use, put a candle on it with some colored sand, or a small plant and voilà! You have your own plant in a glass as in the Beauty and the Beast!
I hope you enjoy this mini spring DIY. Tell me what do you think about it and if you have any easy ideas to decorate your room for spring.
See you soon, 

One thought on “Decor ideas and DIY

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