Grant Friedman and a better portfolio

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently found an article from Grant Friedman, a veteran blogger, social media addict, and design enthusiast, who listed 11 ways to make your portfolio approachable. And in case you don’t have a portfolio already, I can recommend you Carbonmade.
1. Too much artwork. As artist tend to display every piece of artwork they have. He recommends to display your very best ones.
2. Complicated or confusing navigation. When choosing interface to display your work, select one that is clear and transparent. You’re showing creativity in your art, not on the webpage. Complicated pages will confuse the surfers.
3. Sites that use flash are good for those with few knowledge of how to build a portfolio, and also can make stealing your artwork harder.
4. Unfocused portfolios. It’s important that you focus your portfolio in what you’re good, categorize your work. Make more than one websites to split up your work.
5. Poorly designed personal sites. Friedman says that owing the domain does not matter, as what people are looking for is good work.
6. Poor thumbnails. Potential people that can hire you have few time to go clicking small pictures to enlarge them, as they will just get through your webpage to see if something catches their eyes.
7. No next button. Friedman says:I like next buttons. I really do. I find it really frustrating when I click on some artwork and have to press the back button, wait for the page to load, and then click the next piece in your portfolio. Give me a next button so that I can browse your site more quickly.” 
8. Too much security. Make sure it is possible to share your work, as there are some sites with installed scripts that even prevent right clicks or shearing and there will no facility to someone to show off something they like on your site.
9. No real name. Please, don’t make up a name, no one will hire someone without knowing his or her name.
10. No contact information. All portfolios might have at least a contact form, unless a direct e-mail adress. How are they going to hire you if they can’t contact with you?
11. Too slow. We all love easy to load sites. Don’t try to save money by using a slow server site, as it only will dwindle your chances of getting hired. 

But, above all those points to bear in mind, make sure you spend most of your time improving your work. Presentation does matter, but if your artwork is not good enough does not worth it.

I hope you like it, and if you have a portfolio, make sure to leave the link on the comment section below. 

See you soon


PS: I do not own this information. I just sumarised it for you from PSDTUTS+

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