Get your shoes

Valentine’s Day has passed and we’re back to the routine of classes and work. But that does not mean it should be boring at all.
For those shoe-lovers I’d like to share with you a webpage where you can buy latest fashion shoes. Affordable shoes! 
But not only are those trendy, but as you sing up, a test appears to know what’s your style so they can make you a personalised showroom updated every month! 

I’m talking about Stylistpick.  Free registration and they offer shoes, bags and accessories starting at 20€! Cool, isn’t it? 
And all the style tips from known stylists such as Louise Roe, Gala GonzálezCassie FitzpatrickAna Antic or Cristina Reyes.
PS: I’m not paid for sharing this, I just like sharing things with you, lovely people.
I hope you like it. Tell me what do you think of it, and if you end up buying anything tell me what. I’d love to know it! 
See you soon

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