Valentine’s day

Are you in love? Do you have a valentine date? 
Because Valentine’s Day is almost here, people are showing off how much they love their couple… but it doesn’t matter at all.
Valentine’s day is not only the lovers day but friendship too
So if the answers to the questions above are not -you don’t have a lover-, stop and remember that you’re never alone. Friends are always next to you and also deserve to be remembered that they’re on your mind.
So, don’t think it twice and show them some love. Even if it is with a kiss on the cheek. Express it!

But for those with a lover, please, don’t worry if it’s valentine’s day, or Saint George (in catalonia). Showing him or her your love is a daily must. 

Enjoy the love and see you soon, 


One thought on “Valentine’s day

  1. Love is made of feelings, either friendship or love feelings. It's true that if u have a love show him or her that is like this is a must for everyday, but friends deserve it to! Anyway, friendship love is a little less pink… BTW will u be my valentine friend?

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