Yay! I’m back!

Life is tricky. How can it be that small?  Sorry, I’ll be more concrete. 
I’ve been really busy for a couple of months, and I’m not done yet, and for that reason, this blog has been unfairly abandoned.  
Today, once again I’ve remembered at class that a blog is a daily thing, or at least it should be. 
This time, although, the situation has been different.
We were talking about different types of new advertising, such as street marketing or blogs themselves, and that’s were I saw what a blog ought to be: 
  • A blog is some kind of journey to what it is published, in other words, it should be specialised and actualised frequent.
  • Entries usually are focused to generate discus about related topics with interesting areas.
  • Blogs are tools to do community, as it becomes a reference to its followers and can be a good way to advertise. 
As far as it can be true or not, what I’m concerned now is that I AM SORRY for not keeping it updated as often as I should if I’d like to keep this blog alive. 
So, as a way of rescue my old sharing-interesting-webs style, I’d like to mention Lookbook.nu. It’s a web to share your OOTD (outfit of the day). It is really useful if you like fashion. And it also has its own iPhone App to see and upload your OOTD. 
You can find interesting things to use as a gift!

I hope I can be able to find more worth to sharing sites to you people. 
Wish me luck, because just after Christmas I begin finals
See you soon,

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